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Redefinition – luxury space design will

Redefinition – luxury space design will

On 14th July, ”Redefinition – luxury space design will” was set in Nanning. IIDforChina CEO Ms. Virgina and one of the top ten Hong Kong designer, Steve Leung gave a speech in front of more than 700 designers and Nanning TV, Southern China Morinig Post, Modern Lifeand. The main subject of the speech was the use of luxury materials and process materials ”re-drfine”. Italian Interior Designers developed a cooperation and collaboration between designers, contractors and developers of the two Countries, in particular in March 2012 at Guangzhou International Design Week.

Italian Interior Design Mr. Zhang Jialing and CEO Ms. Virginia adress to the audience IIDforChina’s definition of luxury as a very important indicator of freedom of lifestyle, of choising the time, the right materials and the use of materials. In addition, during the conference emerged that the price of the most expensive is not necessary the best material and that quality takes priority over other values. Re-defined Luxury is a connotation of luxury and quality.

Steve Leung joyined the ”Redefinition – luxury space design will” with a thought related to the essence of design. He said design has no style but it is simply an attitude of life. He also reaffirm the concept that ” expensive is not necessary good,but good things must be expensive ” previously expressed by Italian Interior Design CEO Ms. Virgina.

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