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Italian Interior Designers for China collects the best Italian Interior Designers in one network where Italian experience, fantasy and talent are available to the Chinese market.

Register now to enter the complete database: you’ll be able to visit all the profiles and check their skills, specializations and best works, you’ll understand their style and personal approach and you’ll be able to contact each architect to ask for collaboration and for any info you may need on his/her Soft and Hard Deco abilities.

Now with Italian Interior Designers for China you can bring the Italian lifestyle to China and taste the unique and inimitable atmosphere of Italy, the typical balance of volumes, the neatness of shapes, the beauty hidden in each detail; you can finally have at your disposal the great skills of the Italian Interior Designers, globally known for their ability to design spaces that reflect the dreams and the personality of the people who live in them everyday, unique Interiors customized in each and every area.

We spend more than 90% of our time inside an interior, for this reason the wellbeing of the person must always be the focus of the project, the fundamental starting point of the creative process: now, thanks to the Italian professional experts of Interior design, the Chinese market can have a quick and direct access to the exclusive Italian lifestyle, bringing the real Italian taste and atmosphere to each house, office and place around China.

Italian Interior Designers for China brings the Harmony of Italian Interiors to you.