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Dongpeng testimonial

Dongpeng testimonial

Dongpeng invites former president of Association of Italian designer Carlo Beltramelli as a new ambassador, further interpretation Dongpeng tiles in the new era of brand connotation

Dongpeng Brand Ambassador will pass the baton to the famous Italian designer Carlo Beltramelli, from more perspectives and beauty of the world.

Carlo Beltramelli, the field of eco-design known as the “Da Vinci” is a former chairman of the Italian Society of Interior Designers is an interior design and has 30 years of experience in the construction industry, a senior designer. Its stylish, low-carbon, the pursuit of sustainable design style unique style in the design world.

Dongpeng and designers chose to cooperate with Dongpeng to revitalize national industry, is committed to promoting industrial upgrading in China Ceramic brand attributes are closely related.

Dongpeng responsible person said that the choice of Carlo as a spokesperson was not to impersonate “foreign brand”, but further strengthen national brands into the international Dongpeng precise positioning. Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a large, open brand should be synchronized with the international fashion trends. Through collaboration with Carlo to further strengthen cultural exchanges, design communication, art exchanges, set the culmination of the world, and constantly improve and perfect.

Carlo’s endorsement is a strategic upgrade for Dongpeng, indicating that the beauty of the world Dongpeng tile connotation in deepening from art and design aesthetic senses; innovation does not stop Dongpeng, China’s Dongpeng, being Chinese sustainable economic development.

In 2012, Dongpeng hired the famous Italian designer Carlo Bailey as ambassador, reflecting its international ambitions.

Technological innovation to promote the brand globalization is one of the main targets for Dongpeng.

Cultural tolerance is one of soft power that determines the brand’s breadth and height. ”Five elements” is the most profound substances Chinese concept of the origin of this Dongpeng hall, symbolizing worldly things endless cycle, each breeding, common prosperity. Meanwhile, Dongpeng want to the world convey an idea of ​​harmony.

Europe represents China Dongpeng art space that shows the level of praise for the Chinese ceramics in Italy ‘consulate’. Although the European Dongpeng is still using various forms for the world to improve the quality of consumer products and services, to create “the world of beauty.”
Meanwhile, international Dongpeng’s image is also promoted simultaneously. In 2012, the Italian Society of Interior Designers Dongpeng invited former President Carlo Beltramelli as spokesperson, released Dongpeng pursue of construction sector, the world’s design, “the beauty of the world”.

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